Revolving Realities

autoreactive installation / 2010

An installation that plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a place and an object in new ways.

as a member of Interpalazzo with

Martin Hesselmeier
Carsten Goertz


sound composition

Marcus Schmickler


curated by

Mike Meiré for Dornbracht Edges




An abstract object projected with different images, textures and animations becomes a mirror of changing realities. As a result, a kind of real virtuality arises to confront virtual reality. A modular light installation issuing from the sculptural object reworks the space. Cords of light pass through the 600 m2 of surrounding space, intertwining the surrounding area with the centre. Ideas are seized upon and returned; the space is transformed into a sound box that enters into a reflexive dialogue with the sculpture. The object, the space and the beholder form a communicative unit. Curated by Mike Meiré, the installation is the latest instalment in the Dornbracht Edges series featuring projects in which architecture, design and art intersect.






Hartmut Nägele, Uwe Spöhring, Tim Giesen



Chris Gaiser (setup)

Florian Gassmann (model setup)

Micha Thies (support Max/MSP)