scala momentum

reactive light installation / 2016

An installation that forms a light choreography of tracked movement....more

13 Studies

audiovisual performance / 2015

An audiovisual performance exclusively produced for Otto Piene´s light sculpture "Silberne Frequenz"....more

the weight of light

light sculpture / 2015

A dynamic light sculpture that plays with our perception of reality. ...more

Lost in Space

work in progress / 2010

Reseach study to find new possibilities of dynamic spaces....more

new talents biennale, Cologne

capacitive body #2

reactive light installation / 2010

New version of capacitive body, a light system that reacts to the sound of its environment....more

Dornbracht Edges, Passagen, Cologne

Revolving Realities

autoreactive installation / 2010

An installation that plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a place and an object in new ways....more

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen

capacitive body

reactive light installation / 2008

A modular light system that reacts to the sound of its environment....more


feedback-driven sculpture / 2008

A kinetic sculpture that forms physical connections between its elements through mechanical acrobatics....more

CubeBrowser #1

tangible interface / 2007

A concept study for a six display cube that makes it possible to browse online image databases....more


audio-visualization-tool / 2004

Design and development of an application that visualizes sound....more