scala momentum

reactive light installation / 2016

An installation that forms a light choreography of tracked movement.

together with

Martin Hesselmeier


Past traces of people on the stairs leading up to the famous St. Michael’s Church in Schwäbisch Hall are made visible. Light patterns and sound structures initiate an intermedial dialogue with the monumental broad steps.


With its broad, imposing steps, St Michael’s Church is one of Schwäbisch Hall’s most important monuments. Sanctied in 1156, the 53 steps link the church to the Marktplatz. At their widest point, the steps are 70 metres wide. They were built between 1507 and 1510. Since 1925 the steps have been used to stage the »Freilichtspiele«, the outdoor performances that are held every year in Schwäbisch Hall.


»scala momentum« is an installation specifically designed for the broad steps leading up to St. Michael’s Church. It tracks the movements of people as they go up and down the steps and transforms them into an abstract light behaviour. Using computer-controlled spotlights – known as moving heads – the traces of passers-by on the steps are made visible, creating a choreography of past movements. 



Micha Thies (support custom software projection)
Matthias Krauss (support tracking software) 



KulturRegion Stuttgart, Kulturbüro Schwäbisch Hall, Kunstverein Galerie am Markt Schwäbisch Hall