the weight of light

light sculpture / 2015

A dynamic light sculpture that plays with our perception of reality. 

together with

Martin Hesselmeier



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The project won the first prize at the INTERNATIONAL LIGHT ART AWARD 2015


Light, as we usually interpret it, is an element without mass and gravity. For „the weight of light“ a physics engine simulates the kinetic forces of a moving object. This mass is projected on a wave shaped structure in virtual space. The moving object is represented as a light particle in physical space. Gravity, mass, density and friction affect velocity and acceleration of these light particles. As the particles movement is based on a simulation, it does not have to adhere to the physical realities we know from everyday life. Therefore the installation goes beyond expected behaviour. Thus the matter of light traverses a reinterpretation of our known reality.


Each moving light particle is underlined by an auditive representation in the range of low frequencies. Phenomena of standing sound waves and frequency interferences support the shape waved structure. Thereby an immersive space is created where the movement of light is also represented by vibrational patterns of oscillating sound waves. The installation plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a fictional space of light.



Micha Thies (programming physics engine)