CubeBrowser #1

tangible interface / 2007

A concept study for a six display cube that makes it possible to browse online image databases.

together with

Charlotte Krauss

Ludwig Zeller


Project Partners:

Yahoo! Research
Yahoo! User Experience & Design


XSENS Motion Technologies

The control of navigation is exclusively accomplished by performing manual actions on the object, which creates a playful way of discovering image collections that are networked by tags like

Enjoying photos has always been based on analog objects before digital imaging came up. Discovering your photosets with friends was not tied to a monitor, but to analog photos that were probably cluttered all over the floor: tangible as well as easily showable and sharable.

Why not bring back this easiness and combine it with the benefits of digital technology? The CubeBrowser is running independent of the desktop, where we are usually experiencing web media today. It is also not bound to a screen that is controlled by mouse, keyboard or remote control, which distracts you with overloaded functionalities and would be hard to learn. Controlling the CubeBrowser is just as easy as turning the cube in space, and thus allows for a more convenient way of interaction as well as a larger accessibility to people of all ages and abilities.


Prof. Frans Vogelaar (Department of Hybrid Space)

Prof. Zilvinas Lilas

Martin Nawrath (support hardware)