Dornbracht Conversations 03

realtime 3D visualization / 2011

Visualization panel discussion Dornbracht Conversations 03.

together with

Jakob Penca



Meiré und Meiré


concept & creative direction

Michael Pichler (Meiré und Meiré)



Hartmut Nägele


By entering keywords at runtime a mood image of the panel discussion is generated. The system is based on physical dynamics between speaker and its keywords in 3D space. The weighting of individual words and relations is visualized on its orbit around the respective speaker.



Marcus Fairs


participants panel 1

Andreas Dornbracht
Michael Sieger
Mateo Kries


participants panel 2

Matteo Thun
Mike Meiré
Thomas Wagner


Built with Processing


Inspired by valence, Ben Fry

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