presence in spite of absence / 2021

Teamproject 5th semester at University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg.


University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg  




Nowadays we have many different communication devices at our disposal. Their focus lies mostly in the effective delivery of information which leads to the loss of interpersonal aspects in regards to communication on the emotional level.


Togetherness can be experienced in many different ways. Touch, a joint action, notes that were left behind or simply the background noise of a roommate next door. Through conventional, multi-purpose devices, these important nuances get lost along the way. At first these seem unimportant, but they are an essential part of emotional togetherness.


In the form of two corresponding artifacts, „Teleflirt“ offers four very unique ways to enable emotional communication between two people over a long distance. Unlike in a videocall, you can not see or hear each other. Instead the users become more aware of each others presence through more subtle methods, which get neglected in a conventional call. To do this both users interact with one of the artifacts of the same type.



Michelle Benthin, Johanna Pucher, Oliver Quiring, Katharina Schneider, Marina Schwarz, Nadja Troscheit, Andreas Wimmer, Tara Winkelmann



Prof. Andreas Muxel und Elias Naphausen