Schmeckt Bunt

scenography festival / 2005

Temporary architecture for the poolbar festival #12 which uses simple scenographic interventions to create emotional spaces.

as a member of bricolage with

Michael Pichler
Max Stecher




Temporary Architecture for a cultural festival should tell stories. Therefore the group bricolage developed three spatial concepts – „Outside in the green“, „By the water at sunset“ and „At the campfire at night“ – to invite the visitor on a journey in idealized summer memories.


For every room a scenography with custom furniture was developed. For example the „Cavalletta“(italian for grasshopper) had its place „Outside in the green“. A block-shaped and bright object with an artificial grass carpet served as seat and lawn. Using a simple designed „button effect“ (pressure sensor inside) the seat becomes an interactive light object by itself. Therefore the visitor was able to control the light situation, atmosphere and the perceived size of the „living room“ – the less visitors, the less light and the more privacy. An interplay of visitor and space was achieved. The architecture became unexpectedly reactive.


Additionally a custom software was built to generate visuals based on the color mood of each space.