Biological Computing

workshop / 2008

One-week workshop in Senones, France.


as an assistant for

Prof. Dr. Georg Trogemann (Lab3, Academy of Media Arts Cologne)

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Nawrath (Lab3, Academy of Media Arts Cologne)

Lasse Scherffig (Lab3, Academy of Media Arts Cologne)

Prof. Ursula Damm (Bauhaus-University Weimar)

Ralf Baecker


Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Bauhaus-University Weimar

‚Nature‘ still stands for ideas of originality and self-organizing. Something hard to be reproduced by a machine. The aim of the workshop was to discuss and find possibilies of ‚biological computing‘ with artistic strategies.

Topics: biochips, self-organization, machines for modeling biological systems, artificial neural networks, genetic programming, bionics, biocomputer, parasitic strategies, simbionts and their hosts.

Electric tree by Jong Wong Choi