Let’s Play

create code learn / 2015

Semester project at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne. Creative coding with pupils from Berlin and Cape Town.


Köln International School of Design, Cologne  





together with

Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron


in co-operation with

Learning Innovation Design Lab


Two cultures, two languages, two unique socioeconomic environments, two primary schools: Together with a Cape Town-based NPO, we enabled pupils from Germany and South Africa to design their own computer games. The project explored how digital games can support intercultural learning goals and computer skills of children in a cross-continental context.


In co-operation with The Learning Innovation Design Lab, we provided a create/code/learn lab – a physical and virtual space where pupils from two continents collaborated and learned from each other and made creative coding experiences. Involving two primary schools, one in Cape Town and one in Berlin, the project team prepared and hosted coding workshops using appropriate software. Guided by students, teams of 3-4 pupils developed tiny games. In different workshops titled Game Jams they went through a whole design process, from developing an initial idea (ideation) up to prototyping and testing of their games. Through evaluating the process, a toolkit was developed that will enable schools all over Germany and South Africa to set up their own learning lab. This toolkit is currently tested in Cape Town.