Printable Matters

printable electronics / 2015

Two-week project at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne.




Köln International School of Design, Cologne  


together with

Stefan Karp, ma ma Interactive System Design


“Polytronik” – a.k.a. printable electronics – is a novel field of research for a highly innovative material technology and manufacturing method. Ultimately this will lead to a radically altered type of electronics based upon entire different manufacturing processes. And it will impact the way we are going to perceive and use artifacts based on this technology. Sustainable, eco-friendly, ultrathin, flexible, transparent and foldable – some properties among others – will become a reality in large-scale production. But how are we going to interact with these new type of products? What kind of interfaces will they provide us and what are the implications on the form-giving process?


The project “Printable Matters” offers opportunities to experience and understand the technologies inherent potentials and qualities. By simple, but fully functional low-tech paper demonstrators the project seeks for visionary interaction scenarios.