Digital Ghosts

mirror as interface / 2014

Installation for exhibition „Analog Mensch Digital“ organized by shutterstock.


as a team member of  Universal Interaction  





We are constantly being accompanied by „Digital Ghosts“ – more or less concrete information and tracks in the digital ether. „Digital Ghosts“ materializes and shows those digital counterparts in an experimental way.


The interactive installation looks like a usual bathroom mirror and is placed in the washing room right above the sink. The mirror becomes an interface that expands the visitor’s reflection into a digital „I“.
the work questions the relationship between people and digital technology. How transparent are these systems, and how much power – or powerlessness – do they lead to? Who is in control, and how much automation can our everyday lives handle? How transparent should our digital tracks be? What degree of autonomy does our data have? To what degree does it develop a life of its own?


images by

David Grieshammer

Andreas Muxel