multisensory environment inspired by nature / 2015

Installation for PORTAL by Volksbank, Forum Gummersbach, Germany.


as a team member of NEOANALOG and Universal Interaction  




Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena »FLUX« offers an experience for all senses. The audio-visual environment invites visitors to take a break from everyday life and provides an energetic space of three ecosystems: water, wind and light. Calming effects of nature are transformed into a dynamic flow of abstract elements creating a reality of its own. soundscapes and visuals endlessly reinvent themselves and react to each other based on generative principles. Thereby different environments and populations are constantly generated and become alive in infinite variations.   »FLUX« was designed and developed by the Cologne based collective »Universal Interaction« for PORTAL by Volksbank. Part of the team is now running under the label NEOANALOG focusing on hybrid things and spaces.   images sources: A. Muxel, M. Schmitz, MIC Massmann Interior Concepts