TCR Audio Lounge

interactive installation / 2006

Design and devopment of a reactive light system for an interactive audio lounge, that provides the framework for Talking Cities Radio.

toghether with

Ina Krebs
Christoph Haag
Therese Schuleit
Isabelle Niehssen

The installation was designed exclusivly for the Talking Cities Exhibiton at the ENTRY 2006 in Essen and was realised as a team member of the Department of Hyprid Space and in cooperation with Francesca Ferguson and urban drift. The four sculpted audio seating areas are traversed by broad bands, each carrying the audio signal of one of the four radio stations. By means of little cable spools in which loudspeakers are integrated, visitors can go to any point along a band and listen to the programme of that particular radio station in German, or in English. The light behavior of fluorescent tubes inside the objects is triggered by the the audio signal. In passive mode the light starts „breathing“ and waiting to be waked up again by the visitors activity. Each light controller is based on the physical computing platform Arduino and was custom built for this project.


Prof. Frans Vogelaar (Department of Hybrid Space)

Heiner Schilling (photography)

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ENTRY 2006, Zeche Zollverein, Essen