"the weight of light" at Humboldt University, Berlin for book premiere "Zu schön, um falsch zu sein" by Olaf Müller 


"the weight of light" will be exhibited at ARS Electronica Festival, Linz


New professorship "Physical Human-Machine Interfaces" at the Faculty of Design at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

17/11/2016 - 18/11/2016

Workshop "I am Black Box" and talk "Der Aufstand der Dinge" at Werkwoche, Hochschule Augsburg, Faculty of Design

17/09/2016 - 09/10/2016

"scala momentum"  together with Martin Hesselmeier is be part of light festival Aufstiege, Schwäbisch Hall


Talk "Make + Think" at INSIGHT.INTERACTION.DESIGN., Bremen


Talk "(R)evolution of Things" at .process, Dortmund

07/04/2016 - 15/05/2016

"the weight of light" will be exhibited at Kunsthaus Rhenania


New year will start with NEOANALOG, studio for hybrid things and spaces together with Michael Schmitz. More news coming soon...


Documentation FLUX for PORTAL by Volksbank, Forum Gummersbach now online.


Speaking about "Hybrid Things" at World Usability Day Frankfurt


Interview with formfunk podcast about "Sprechende Dinge".

24/10/2015 - 30/11/2015

Exhibition "digital ghosts" together with Universal Interaction at digital_ia, Szczecin


"13 Studies" for Silberne Frequenz by Otto Piene together with Martin Hesselmeier and Carlo Peters at LWL Museum Münster.

06/09/2015 - 15/09/2015

Exhibition "digital ghosts" together with Universal Interaction at Analog Mensch Digital—Design an der Schnittstelle by shutterstock, Berlin


Talk "Der Auftand der Dinge" at symposium "Beseelte Dinge", Hochschule Niederrhein


"the weight of light" together with Martin Hesselmeier got the first prize at the INTERNATIONAL LIGHT ART AWARD 2015.


"the weight of light" (work in progress) together with Martin Hesselmeier is in the final for the INTERNATIONAL LIGHT ART AWARD 2015.


Talk "The proof is in the pudding" at Creative Mornings, Cologne.


Talk "New Ecology of Things: Smart Interactions in Connected Environments" at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Kamp-Lintfort.

09/11/2013 - 16/11/2013

capacitive body will be exhibited at GLOW, Eindhoven.


Talk "Permanent Beta" together with Martin Hesselmeier as part of "digitally affected - Positionen des Interactiondesigns" at Bergische Universität Wuppertal.



Talk "Designing Interactions" together with Prof. Philipp Heidkamp at KISD, Cologne.


Talk "Vom Experiment bis zur Idee" at kreatifrühstück, Denkwerk, Cologne.


Talk "Think and Make" at design.digital 3, Würzburg.


Talk "Transformations - from input to output and between" at the Cologne Game Lab.


Presentation "Physical Transformation: Where Form Follows Data" at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne.

06/12/2011 - 09/02/2012

Teaching "Physical Transformation: Where Form Follows Data" at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne.


Guest lecture "From Zero to Hero" at ifs internationale filmschule köln, Cologne.

18/11/2011 - 19/11/2011

Workshop DIY Sound Objects at FH Vorarlberg, Dornbirn.

09/11/2011 - 16/11/2011

Guest lecture "This site is temporarily unavailable" at Lab3, Acadamy of Media Arts Cologne.

07/10/2011 - 09/10/2011

Exhibition Connect at Mediaan, Heerlen.

29/09/2011 - 01/10/11

capacitive body #2 will be exhibited at TodaysArt Festival, Brussels.

12/09/2011 - 16/09/2011

Exhibition Connect and Workshop DIY Sound Objects at DIGITAL ART Festival, Sofia.



Review of capacitive body #2 on InfraBodies blog.

12/05/2011 - 14/05/2011

capacitive body #2 is part of this year's SOUNDSNOISE Festival, Dornbirn.


Part of portfolio is featured in codered magazine.


29/04/2011 - 01/05/2011

capacitive body #2 will be exhibited at LEAP, Gallery Weekend, Berlin.

05/04/2011 - 19/05/2011

Teaching "Designing Time Experiences" at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne.

04/04/2011 - 28/05/2011

Seminar "Ex Machina" at Lab3, Acadamy of Media Arts Cologne.


Lost in Space got a Honorary Mention at this year's Action Sharing, Turin.


Short review of CubeBrowser on Bruce Sterling's blog Beyond the Beyond.


25/02/2011 - 26/02/2011

"Digitalität-Code-Prototyping" workshop mobile media at ifs internationale filmschule köln, Cologne.


Realtime 3D visualization of Dornbracht Conversations 3 together with Jakob Penca, Iserlohn.


Analog version of portfolio now on issuu. Thanks to Alex Ketzer for doing the layout.


05/11/2010 - 14/11/2010

capacitive body is selected for amber festival, Istanbul.

11/10/2010 - 29/10/2010

Workshop Let's do it - Working with Arduino at KISD, Cologne.

09/10/2010 - 10/10/2010


Connect is part of the book "Code und Material".

12/06/2010 - 20/06/2010

capacitive body is part of this year's new talents biennale, Cologne.



Connect is nominated for the File Prix Lux, Sao Paulo.

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01/04/2010 - 05/04/2010

capacitive body is selected for Lexus Hybrid Art, Moscow.


17/02/2010 - 21/02/2010

Connect will be exhibited at this year's ARCO, Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.


Review of Revolving Realities on stylepark blog.


Connect receives second prize VIDA Award 12.0, Madrid.

scala momentum

reactive light installation / 2016

An installation that forms a light choreography of tracked movement....more

Particle Flow

kinetic motion study / 2016

A physical installation comprised of granules driven by gravity and topography forming an analogue particle system....more


multisensory environment inspired by nature / 2015

Installation for PORTAL by Volksbank, Forum Gummersbach, Germany....more

13 Studies

audiovisual performance / 2015

An audiovisual performance exclusively produced for Otto Piene´s light sculpture "Silberne Frequenz"....more

the weight of light

light sculpture / 2015

A dynamic light sculpture that plays with our perception of reality. ...more

Digital Ghosts

mirror as interface / 2014

Installation for exhibition "Analog Mensch Digital" organized by shutterstock....more

© Meiré und Meiré

Dornbracht Conversations 03

realtime 3D visualization / 2011

Visualization panel discussion Dornbracht Conversations 03....more

© Mike Meiré

Dark Alter-Ego

kinetic chair / 2011

Consulting/support kinetic chair for installation "Back Room" by Mike Meiré....more

Lost in Space

work in progress / 2010

Reseach study to find new possibilities of dynamic spaces....more

new talents biennale, Cologne

capacitive body #2

reactive light installation / 2010

New version of capacitive body, a light system that reacts to the sound of its environment....more

Dornbracht Edges, Passagen, Cologne

Revolving Realities

autoreactive installation / 2010

An installation that plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a place and an object in new ways....more

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen

capacitive body

reactive light installation / 2008

A modular light system that reacts to the sound of its environment....more


feedback-driven sculpture / 2008

A kinetic sculpture that forms physical connections between its elements through mechanical acrobatics....more

CubeBrowser #1

tangible interface / 2007

A concept study for a six display cube that makes it possible to browse online image databases....more

ENTRY 2006, Zeche Zollverein, Essen

TCR Audio Lounge

interactive installation / 2006

Design and devopment of a reactive light system for an interactive audio lounge, that provides the framework for Talking Cities Radio....more

Floating Video Clips

design and development / 2006

A playful and interactive video archive....more

© Fleischmann + Strauss

Digital Sparks Matrix

design and development / 2006

An interactive installation for browsing and researching all of the projects submitted to the Digital Sparks Award....more

© Fleischmann + Strauss

Media Flow

development sound engine / 2006

The online archive netzspannung.org as an interactive spatial installation....more

© Fleischmann + Strauss


development A/V installation / 2005

An interactive video puzzle....more

poolbar festival #12

Schmeckt Bunt

scenography festival / 2005

Temporary architecture for the poolbar festival #12 which uses simple scenographic interventions to create emotional spaces....more

© Fleischmann + Strauss


media installation / 2004

An installaton that reproduces the linguistic space of the city in form of a data flow....more


audio-visualization-tool / 2004

Design and development of an application that visualizes sound....more

looking for mies

interactive projection / 2002

Design and development tracking system and interactive animations for theatre production....more